Dennis Hershberger

Dennis is a lifelong resident of Reno and Harvey County.  He has spent the last 4 years growing a grassroots base of Republicans who value their Conservative principles while living in rural Kansas.  Happily married for the past 42 years to his wife Carol.  Together they have raised four children.  Dennis has the pulse of families that want to see a traditional Carnegie Teaching where education must focus on the mastery of basic building blocks of Reading, Math, & English.  

Dennis holds two degrees from Heston College and his career has included the fields of Nursing, Manufacturing, and Transportation while still remaining involved in farming.  Over the years Dennis has served as a 4-H leader in the Hutchinson area and is highly involved in his church


"I have decided to run for State Board of Education District 7 to be the voice for Rural Kansas Children who are not academically achieving. Getting back to basics will equip every child with the tools to achieve their dreams.

Honesty about data collection and making it a "opt in only" process will empower parents to make sure their child will have every opportunity to achieve their American Dream. Making sure our local districts have more say about state standards will make Kansas Children find the success and reach their full potential."